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JointCommerce is the leading consumer data and digital advertising technology platform built to help retailers and brands drive online sales with measurable results.

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Our advanced Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Consumer Data Platform (CDP) maximize advertising effectiveness to help you accomplish your business objectives. We navigate strict advertising restrictions, find new customers, and boost sales growth. Our unique buying practices optimize your ad placement across curated publishers and drive positive ROI to help relieve inequitable high tax rates. JointCommerce empowers your businesses with a data-driven, strategic approach to overcome these industry-specific challenges.

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Private Inventory Marketplace of Compliant Website and App Publishers

Run your ad placements across premium cannabis-compliant publishers such as ESPN, HGTV, Food Network, Hollywood Reporter, and more.

Audience Targeting

Leverage 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data to help you find new customers and drive sales retention.

Proven Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies

Our meticulous approach to acquiring and retaining customers is rooted in our expert ability to drive target audiences down the purchase funnel to buy with lookalike modeling and retargeting.

Recommendation Engine

Analyzes campaign trends and provides recommendations on improving campaign performance with data and analytics in real-time with self-service and managed-service.

Proprietary Reporting
and Analytics

Measure online sales with closed-loop attribution attribution for insightful campaign optimization and strategic decision-making.

Real-time Consumer Intelligence

Provides valuable information about your customers, including their demographics, preferences, and purchase behaviors, engaging a deeper understanding of your target audience.

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1st party canna-curious audience profiles and known purchasers


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