Our Technology

World-class advertising technology to drive e-commerce sales JointCommerce is the leading consumer data and digital ad tech platform helping highly regulated companies drive online sales with measurable results.

Combining our advanced Demand Side Platform (DSP) with a proprietary Consumer Data Platform (CDP), we maximize advertising effectiveness, delivering measurable results and a strong return on investment (ROI).

Our programmatic approach ensures precise audience targeting across multiple channels, including display advertising, video, OTT, connected TV, and more, amplifying your online marketing presence.

Predictive bidding accurately forecasts cannabis shopper engagement, conversion, and average order value, allowing us to bid the right price for each ad inventory to reach your audience.

Our predictive bid strategy wins every time within our platform to ensure your ads are served high on the publisher page to increase in-view rate and qualified landing page visits for cannabis advertisers.

We specialize in running programmatic digital advertising campaigns, helping you find new customers, and boosting overall sales growth from your existing customer base.

Audience Targeting

Activate 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data to help you find new customers and drive sales retention.

1st Party Cannabis Shoppers

1st party purchase-database collected from cannabis in-store POS and e Commerce menu partners


Serve ads when contextually aligned with your brand’s products


Activate your 1st party data with lookalike modeling to help drive new customer acquisition with our pixels


Geo-target to reach known shoppers within proximity of your store, delivery zip code or specific latitude longitudes


Re-engage website visitors, ad engagers, and lapsed customers to drive customers down the funnel on your menu to buy

Cart Abandonment

Re-engage cart abandoners to drive them back to the checkout cart to drive online sales



Customer Acquisition

Sales Retention

AI Optimization Recommendation Engine

AI algorithms analyze campaign trends in real-time to provide recommendations on how to improve media performance.

Customer Intelligence

Provides valuable information about your customers from real-time sales data, including demographics, preferences, and purchase behaviors, so you can engage a deeper understanding of your target audience and customer base.

In-House Creative Studio

Our in-house design studio creates tailored display ad units optimized for omni-channel advertising to drive sales. We focus on designing compelling, data-driven display ads to maximize performance and engagement across our premium private marketplace. We ensure your process is streamlined and seamless to deliver an effective campaign - at no cost!

Retargeting Solution

Our proprietary retargeting solution is designed specifically for the cannabis industry, targeting known cannabis consumers who abandon their online orders without making a purchase.

We employ high-frequency display ads to re-engage these users effectively.

When a user clicks on the ad, they are seamlessly directed back to the last point of engagement on the retailer's online menu, enhancing the chances of conversion.


More orders are placed when pixels areplaced on the page correctly when retargeting website visitors


Increase in conversion rate with lower funnel retargeting tactics


More likely to convert with retargeting

JointCommerce Self-Service Reporting Dashboard

  • Measure online sales performance by impressions, clicks, CTR, driven revenue, CPA, ROAS, and average order value.
  • Track online sales performance by creative, device type, day of the week, etc.
  • Flexible attribution windows (view-thru and click-thru) to measure media spend back to online sales for transparent ROI.
  • Customer Intelligence provides valuable information about your customers from real-time sales data, including their demographics, preferences, and purchase behaviors, engaging a deeper understanding of your target audience.
  • Optimization Recommendation Engine analyzes campaign trends and provides recommendations on how to improve campaign performance with data and analytics.