JointCommerce’s cutting-edge consumer data and digital advertising technology platform is designed to empower retailers by boosting brand awareness, amplifying qualified website traffic to your online menus, and effectively measuring and driving online sales.

Our platform enables you to connect with known shoppers as they actively engage with online content within our private, and compliant publisher marketplace. Additionally, JointCommerce excels in geo-targeting within your service zip codes to help you find and convert new and lapsed customers.


JointCommerce’s innovative consumer data and digital advertising technology platform can significantly elevate your brand’s visibility, drive qualified traffic to your website, and augment online sales featured on your partnered retail online menus through strategic display and video advertising with a co-brand campaign.

Our co-branded campaigns at JointCommerce are designed to lead established cannabis consumers directly to your brand’s product pages on your partnered retailer’s online menus, utilizing targeted display and video ads. We specialize in retargeting known shoppers, ensuring a sustained and consistent return on investment (ROI) for your brand.


Unlock the full potential of programmatic digital advertising for your clients by choosing JointCommerce’s best-in-class managed-service team or our user-friendly self-service platform. With JointCommerce, the power is in your hands.

Opting for our self-service platform grants you direct control over planning, buying, revenue forecasting, and reporting. Enjoy a streamlined approach to digital advertising, where you dictate targeting parameters, budget allocations, and ad creatives. Our intuitive platform ensures efficient access to your desired audience across a diverse marketplace of cannabis-compliant websites and apps. Bid farewell to intermediaries and welcome real-time optimization and transparency into your campaigns.

Elevate your marketing initiatives with JointCommerce’s Self-Service offering and tap into the potential of data-driven strategies that lead to successful business outcomes.


JointCommerce empowers ancillary businesses by leveraging the capabilities of our automated ad technologies to streamline and optimize digital advertising processes. Through the use of data-driven strategies and our extensive cannabis retail network, we precisely target and engage known cannabis shoppers and business owners with display and video ads. JointCommerce helps you elevate brand visibility, generate qualified traffic, and, most importantly, foster increased sales and business growth. Our strategic approach is tailored to support your boots-on-the-ground trade market expansion and wholesale business objectives.